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Post Date: 08/16/2019

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This seems to be quite a nice interface.

Thoughts on Setup

Setting up new types of objects is quick and easy. I was able to convert this blog over to Forestry.io in a matter of minutes. I was blogging and creating new entries almost immediately.

Content Management

You can create and manage new categories of content using the amazing UI built into the system. No more having to editing the raw .yaml files.


The user interface is slick. I love it! The editing experience is responsive which is nice for editing on a mobile device. It is inviting to non-developers.

Netlify CMS to Forestry.io

I was previously deploying and managing my blog with the built in Netlify CMS hosted on Netlify. I found their documentation to be clunky and at times hard to understand. (This might be a me problem). Forestry.io has simple and easy to read documentation The interface to manage and create new types of content are intuitive.

Final Thoughts

I think I'll try out Forestry.io for a month or so and give another comparison at the end of September. Ultimately try both and use what works for your team and clients.

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