Database Tables With Parent Columns

Post Date: 01/27/2021

Last Updated: 01/27/2021

The Trouble With Parent Columns

Today I ran into an issue where a user set a parent record to be itself in a poorly written form. No validation allowed a record to be the parent of itself.


For security and liability reasons, I will be using generic data but the concepts still apply.

The Problem Query

The following would cause the record with a parent of themselves to not show up at all. This also lead to the parent record's children records not showing up either.

  -- This column is used to provide indentation in an HTML select
  lpad (
    length (
    ) + (level - 1) * 2,
    ' '
  ) as display,
start with
  coalesce(supervisor_id, -1) = -1
connect by prior
  employee_id = supervisor_id
order siblings by
  lower (employee_name) asc

The Data

Let's call this table employees


This table should never have the same value in the employee_id and supervisor_id columns.

0Jane Doe0
1James Waddles0
2Marva Everna0


A proper table check constraint and form validation will prevent this from happening.

0Jane Doe
1James Waddles0
2Marva Everna0


1. Add a Table Check Constraint

ALTER TABLE employees
ADD CONSTRAINT employee_is_not_own_supervisor CHECK (employee_id <> supervisor_id) ENABLE;

2. Add Form Validation

This one is open to whatever system you are using. For my project I was using Vuelidate. Add a check in your code to verify that the fields tied to employee_id and supervisor_id are not the same value.

3. Test to Verify

Test with the tools you normally use.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this helps save you some time and frustration in the future. Thanks for reading!

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