Introducing Cyber Security: A New Series

Post Date: 02/20/2020

Last Updated: today at 1:37 AM

Cyber Security for Non-Techies

Cyber Security will be a weekly series discussing ways to keep safe online without a technical degree. Each week I will highlight some of my favorite spam emails in my spam folder and how to prevent getting "hacked". The online world is full of people who want to trick and take advantage of you. Don't let them!

First Things

Anyone can fall victim to scammers and swindlers. My goal is to help you detect when it is happening and minimize or eliminate the damage. Scammers prey on easy targets, let's strengthen your defenses and stand up to these criminals.

Quick Tips

  1. If you didn't ask for them to contact you, be on guard.
  2. If it sounds too good to be true. IT IS!!!
  3. Microsoft, Google, Apple, and other big tech companies will NOT contact you to provide customer support
  4. Protect your personal and financial information. Don't give it out without verifying where it's going first.
  5. Be suspicious of people calling or emailing asking for your personal and credit card information.
  6. If you are scammed or hacked, report it immediately to someone you trust and can help you. Don't be ashamed. Your first priority is limiting the damage.

Reading Assignment

When you hover over links, the link should show up in the bottom left or right. Check where it's going. Know before you click. I have verified each link at the time of publish.

Below are some links that highlight what happens on the other side of scamming from a scammer's view and some common scams active now.


I'm not an expert on this subject. The information found in this article are only things that I have seen firsthand or researched. Use your best judgement and stay safe out there.

Thanks For Your Time

Stay safe out there,


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