Let's Make a Donut in Blender

Post Date: 04/29/2020

Last Updated: today at 1:37 AM

Let's Make a Donut in Blender

I'm typing up the actions in this video from Blender Guru on YouTube. The titles in this article do NOT match up to his videos.

Part 1: Making the Donut


  1. Enter Object mode
  2. Press shift+a to add a mesh
  3. Select Torus
  4. Set Major Radius to 5cm
  5. Set Minor Radius to 2.5cm
  6. Set Major Segments to 26
  7. Set Minor Segments to 12
  8. Rename the object to "Donut" or whatever you want
  9. Enter Edit mode
  10. Turn on Proportional Editing.
    • Hot key is O
  11. Select a vertex
  12. Press g to move it
  13. Scroll up/down to adjust the proportion being moved
  14. Repeat steps 8-10 for a few areas around the donut
  15. Enter Object mode
  16. Right-click the donut and select Shade Smooth
  17. Add a Subdivision Surface modifier
  18. Subdivision settings
    1. Render: 2
    2. Viewport: 1
    3. Quality: 3
    4. Use Creases is checked
    5. Catmull-Clark is selected

Part 2: Making the Icing


  1. Press alt+z to enter X-Ray mode
  2. Select the top half of the donut
  3. Duplicate the selection with shift+d
  4. Press esc to keep the duplicated part right on top of the donut
  5. Press p to separate the new object from the donut
  6. Rename the new object to "Icing" or what ever you want
  7. Add the Solidify modifier
  8. Change Solidify settings
    1. Offset: 1
    2. Thickness: 0.0025m
  9. Move Solidify modifier up above the Subdivision Surface modifier

Part 3: Making the Icing 2

  1. Select icing mesh in Edit mode by pressing a
  2. Right-click the mesh and select Subdivide
  3. Change Smoothness to 1
  4. More to come

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